Chinese Desk

Product Code :-     DSK01


Product Code :-     DSK02

An early satin wood writing desk

Product Code :-     DSK03

Description :-

1 - An early satin wood writing desk. The super structure with a mirror back flanked by lidded compartments on both sides of the mirror. Leather top. Scroll on either side of the table, also scroll molding on top of mirror. Center one drawer, right side four drawer, left side two drawer. Handles of drawer to be fitted.

2 - Hight - 30 inches

3 - Top - 44 inches

4 - Width - 26 inches

A Mahogany pedestal desk

Product Code :-     DSK04

Description :-

1 - A Mahogany pedestal desk banded on top two cross banding of two doors front side and back side. Inside of right door, four no. of drawers with original fitted bronzed handles And key holes. Top is removable. The left door has one shelf two compartments. Both pedestal on molded plinth base.

2 - Hight - 28 inches

3 - Top - 29 inches

4 - Width - 54 inches