Collection of Ruby Red Cranberry Glass items consisting of Vases, Bowls, Jars, Beakers, Wine glass, Jugs etc.

Product Code :-     CC01

Period :-     Victorian

Collection of Cranberry Glass consisting of fluted Vases, Beaker, Jar and Wine glass.

Product Code :-     CC02

Period :-     Victorian

Wedgwood Collection consisting of rare Lavender Vases, Cigarette lighter, Ash Tray, Lamp, etc.

Product Code :-     CC03

Period :-     18th, 19th and 20th Century

Collection of Wedgwood plates

Product Code :-     CC04

Period :-     20th Century

Huge Collection of Majolica chargers (plates), Jars, etc

Product Code :-     CC05

Period :-     19th and 20th Century

Christ Collection - Jesus Christ in the center is made of paper mesh, some are made of porcelain, while others are made of metal .

Product Code :-     CC06

Period :-     19th and 20th Century

Collection of Lighters consiting of 2 Ronson lighters. Few of them are made in Germany.

Product Code :-     CC07

Period :-     20 th Century

Collection of Smoking pipes - most of them are very rare. The one in white & blue is Delftware (Holland)

Product Code :-     CC08

Period :-     N/A

Walking Stick Collection.

Product Code :-     CC09

Period :-     N/A